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RPL believes in meeting the commercial and technical needs of customers with industry leading trends of new generation products.

RPL has a well-equipped Research and Development laboratory recognised by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, and is manned by a competent technical team. The important activities of R & D are in the areas of development of new products and applications, development of formulations using alternative raw materials and improvement in its existing products to suit customer requirements. RPL was one of the first to have an indirect heated reactor to manufacture 'Alkyds' using solvent process and has continued to upgrade itself to newer techniques and developments in its operations.

RPL's focus in the coming years will be to develop resins for the new generation. It will focus not only on the traditional products like 'Alkyds' but invest considerable financial resources and time on developing resins that are eco-friendly and moving along with the world trends. RPL will meet the evolving needs with the industry-leading developments in high-solids, polyesters and waterborne coating formulations, together with traditional solvent borne technology. It will primarily focus on servicing the Adhesives, Coatings and the Printing Inks industry.

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